what is mBip ?

“mBip handles the entire gamut of money from managing professional and personal expenses, claiming reimbursement, bill payments, regular reminders, knowing your current net worth, company accounting, setting budget targets for professional and personal spend and lots more..!”

  • mBip is one of its kind money management solution targeting the corporates.
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  • Addresses various challenges of managing professional and personal finances both at the employer and employee level.
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  • Simplifies the entire process of expense workflow making it easy, paperless and transparent.
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  • Offers real-time visibility and command over business and personal expend and budget allocation in a methodical and uncomplicated manner both for the employees and the employers.
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  • You save money too...mBip keeps you updated on all the corporate and personal offers!

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Bridging the lag mBip combines experience and originality to offer a single window for supervising all your business and personal finances. It makes money simple at every step empowering you with absolute supervision and monitoring authority over your all your finances at all time!


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  • Pro at managing reimbursements and provisions
  • Claim your Reimbursements with just a few clicks!
  • Keep a track of all your transaction..we help you stay organised!
  • Maintains all bills and pay cycles
  • E-organise and E-track spend, know your net worth
  • Single window for all accounts
  • Get smart save money and time
  • Systemize budget allocation with complete supervision
  • Expense workflow is now an easy, paperless and transparent affair
  • Syncs Bank Accounts And Calculates Net-Worth


Single window

­for both business and personal finance management

Simple to use

­Just download the app on your phone and get started.

­Cost effective

Keeps you updated

­ on the best corporate deals and offers

Helps you

­utilize your money smartly

our customers

  • Our diverse client list across a broad range of industries and verticals keep us motivated to be the leaders of the latest trends and technology in making money management simple.

  • What you see here is a spotlight on some of our elite clients/ top notch corporates who use mBip to manage their entire gamut of money.