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Syncs Bank accounts and Calculates Net-Worth

Budget expenses for the month

Make Reimbursement claims on the go!

Syncs Transactions on the go!

Periodic Bills

Track your spend, Know Your Net worth

Set Budget Set Budget Set Budget Set Budget Set Budget Set Budget Accounts Split Transaction

Ping! You have a sms from ICICI, Axis, HDFC, CITI Bank …………..Read! Info lost in the world of messages. Do you search for the message every time you need to know your transaction details? Tend to lose track of the most important spends of the month. Don’t worry we in mBip have a calendar view which helps you to see the value of debit and credit transactions for a particular day in a month.

Did you tried to maintain your spends in a diary or on excel or on phone? Cumbersome task and so time consuming. Lot of data entry. Now mBip is here to reduce your the burden of data entry. The details are auto fetched and just by a click you can categorize and organize your transaction.

For how long have you not claimed your official bills just because you were avoiding those forms? Did it seem like a herculean task? We have eased your problem with corporate claims section. Here just mark your claims as official and just by a click you are through. Could have never been so easy before.

How many times before you planned a budget and then just left in the middle? Now plan only one time and relax. We will help you monitor your budget and will alert you in case you overshoot the actual. A unique feature which gives you a chance to compare Allotted Budget Vs Used Budget.

Bills that we often fear not to pay the penalty for? Now you no longer have to stress yourself ,with mBip there will be no over dues and over dates I am not able to figure out where I spent my cash withdrawals? Cool, mBip helps you to map your cash withdrawals that you can manage in the cash accounts. You can add amount and categorize the same.


Does mBip read my passwords and OTP?

No. mBip does not read your passwords and OTPs. All your information is secure.

Do I need to provide my bank account details?

No. mBip never asks you to enter your bank account details.

Do mBip read my personal messages?

No. mBip does not read your personal messages it just extracts the info like: Merchants, Amount, Date, Bank Name.

How does mBip track my expenses?

mBip scans and extracts the relevant info from your transaction messages and then organizes and categorizes them into your expenses report.

How does mBip track my expenses?

mBip scans and extracts the relevant info from your transaction messages and then organizes and categorizes them into your expenses report.

Can I make bill Payments through mBip?

No. At present you cannot make payments but can view bills and transactions.

Do we require Internet connection to update my messages?

No, all the info is instantly picked up on receiving sms . You will require internet connection for just syncing of data.

Which Android Versions are supported by mBip?

mBip supports all android versions above 4.1.

Do you have Web version for mBip?

Yes we have web version.

Do you have IOS version for mBip.

No. We are working on IOS and will intimate you once we complete it.

     In case you have any query please write to us at

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Digital Partners

Join us and be a part of this amazing journey!

We encourage people to join us as digital partners and help us in marketing our product. Anyone who has the zeal to excel, learn and earn that extra bite for oneself can join us.

“MOM AT WORK “-We have something special for Moms at home. Our special program for Mom at Work.

Moms can register themselves here.

Register yourself at :

Our team shall get back to you soon after receiving the form and will help you explain the whole process. We are likely to rollout from 1st July, 2016.

We pay as per performance.


Hey! Look here we have the following openings:

➤ Android Developers

➤ IOS Developers

➤ Backend Developer

➤ Big Data Developer

➤ Web Application Tester

➤ City Manager (Business Development)

➤ Sales executives

Our Recruitment Process

Step 1

Kindly download and register yourself on mBip (Android Phone is must). Click on the following URL((Android Only)

Step 2

After you have registered the person should fill up the following form ( Preliminary Interview Questionnaire)

Step 3

We will evaluate you on the basis of the above and if shortlisted you will hear from us.

In case of any query please feel free to write to

About Us

Who Are We?

We are a group of Professionals, IITians, and MBAs who believes in making a difference to the life of a consumer by using technology.

mBip Solution

Money until now has been the one of the haunting factor of our lives. We at mBip are on a journey called Money Made Simple, where we will demystify the cycle of money i.e. where money comes from, where you spend and what you are left with. mBip’s team is working on evolving the biggest solution of supervising your money.

So far to make an Official Claim was a herculean task and you ignored it for months. mBip Understood the pain and came up with a solution where you can claim without the hassle of filing bills, noting details , and waiting long before you lose the track to know the status of your bills. So now you can claim your bills on time, with regular updates and easy procedure.

We believe in spreading smile, helping people get smarter with their spends will surely bring a smile among millions and that’s the reason for us to keep evolving.